Safety is a key factor in choosing a tire company. Being a member of the Tire Industry Association (TIA) and the Associated General Contractors of VT, we are able to keep up to date on any industry changes. We also train all of our technicians to TIA's Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Technician level, meaning they are current with all safety practices and OSHA & MSHA compliance. Our technicians have to renew their Technician every two years and our road service techs complete an annual MSHA refresher course.

By providing our employees with all the specialized equipment for the tire industry, we ensure that they act in a safe manner at all times. Doing so allows them to prevent injuries to themselves, prevent costly damage to the tires they are working with, and prevent damage to the vehicle or piece of equipment they are servicing.

Our employees are also required to attend in-house training sessions about once a month on a variety of area including Forklift operation, jack points / lifting and cribbing, HAZCOM, and fire extinguisher training, along with various “tool box talks” from AGC-VT.

With the addition of TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) to the market, it has required us to invest in the tools and training necessary to service our customers. Although there are many different systems available, we are able to service nearly all of them. And should a situation arise that we are not familiar with, we have the resources available to us so that we can find an answer or solution.

We also provide lug nut torque information to our passenger, light truck, and commercial customers, informing them of any wheels removed during service, the proper lug nut torque, and the recommended re-torque interval.